“We work WITH you - not just for you!”
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We offer a comprehensive range of specialist services particularly for Funeral Services for all denominations and cultures.

Our staff have over 40 years experience providing Sound Systems to relay Funeral services to the outside of Churches, Chapels, Funeral Homes and other venues. We have a reputation of getting it right - always! For the basic service relay - we install 2 mini-shot gun microphone inside the church or chapel, one for the lectern and the other to pick up the congregation. Outdoor Column Loudspeakers are usually used outside, as they provide an extremely wide coverage with full frequency - Hi-Fi sound - but without deafening those people who happen to be standing close to the speakers! The actual amplifier is situated some distance away inside our van - the amplifier operates from 24v Car battery - this means that we are able to fully control the volume levels discretely without someone having to push their way into a packed church to try and make alterations. If the church or chapel you are using already has their own indoor sound system - our systems have NO impact, do not cause interference or any other issue with the system already in the building.

As well as providing the sound system - we can also play CD’s or other music sources for the funeral procession to go into or come out of Church to, also a recording service is available, to actually record the service onto CD’s for those members of the family who are unable to attend for various reasons. If a family have problems finding particular music tracks - we can usually help with that!

As a lot of large services end up with a lot of people outside - sometimes the weather is not too kind - we can also help by using one of our many professional ‘Pop-Up’ Marquees - these are available to provide shelter from wind or rain and can be erected quickly in a church yard etc.

Another service that we are being ask for - a way of showing videos and images at a funeral! The best way we find of doing this is to provide one or more of our 50” Plasma Screens on a wheeled trolley stand that can receive content from a laptop or DVD player - all of which we can provide, plus the technician to operate it.

                                      T  Family members can also put photos and images onto a USB stick, which in turn                                            we then connect to a laptop which is linked to the screen. This service is not just                                            limited to still pictures & images - videos can also be shown - with or without                                            sound. If customers would prefer a larger screen than 50” then we can use one                                            of our LCD projectors complete with a large projection screen - again sound with                                            this equipment is an option!

Natural Burials are becoming very popular with a number of people and in South Wales we are fortunate to have a lovely natural burial ground on the edge of Cardiff at St. Nicholas - The Natural Burial Ground at Coedarhydglyn. We have provided our services at this site by using ‘Portable Sound Systems’ (please see our portable PA System page) We use one or two portable systems linked together complete with a radio microphone on a stand for the clergy/eulogy, plus we can play hymns and music using the built in CD player and USB player. Users can also plug in iPod’s or iPhones if they have their music on them.

In this day and age - many people like to arrange a funeral system in many different ways and of course your local funeral director will be of great help in this matter. If you have an unusual request on how you wish to use equipment etc., please contact us at any time - nothing is impossible!

We work very closely with all Funeral Directors in South Wales, most of whom regularly use our services. Our staff who set up equipment at Funerals work WITH the family and Funeral Director to make everything run smoothly - we have even been known to help with Car Parking - even traffic control when the church or chapel is on a busy road!

We also work closely with the Armed Forces and the MOD and have provided extensive sound system relays for Military Funerals of serving personnel and Officers.

We are the SPECIALISTS in South Wales and are well known throughout the area for the quality of sound and excellent service that we provide.

Funeral Relay