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NEW - This year!

During the early part of 2019, we have decided to start using DIGITAL TWO-WAY RADIOS!

As we have been an Entel dealer for many years and have always enjoyed the reliability of Entel Two-Way Radios - it was a ‘no brainer’ to continue with this company when they launched their new digital mode handsets!

We now have stock of the new DX485 handset, which offers the absolute best in two-way radio communications. You will be pleasantly surprised how good these handsets are, whilst maintaining their small compact size.

Not only are these new handsets extremely good, they are also completely waterproof and in fact can be totally submersed into water for about 20 minutes and will still work when recovered from the water!

Customers will be seeing these rolled out on hire along with our existing UHF & VHF handsets which still give first class service.

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